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Well no one ever said Da Raiders had a high IQ (since Plunkett, of course).The Rams destroyed Seattle and seem to have overcome the loss to the Eagles.Two of Saturday's NCAA games were both great with finishes down to the wire for South Florida and the Army boys.Less than 24 hours to get your BOWL POOL in and a dozen or so are missing - just sayin! First time in NFL history the score was 44-33, that is amazing trivia. Some teams still in the Wild Card running and everyone plays next Sunday to finalize the deal. Pittsburgh "wuz robbed" in Brooklyn vernacular; it was a catch, period!!!

That has 25 of 26 players entered and a real battle going on with 7 players within 6 points with 32 points remaining to be won.Something to look forward to if you root for the red team.Don't have a dog in the playoff fight and not sure who to root for except for anyone who plays New England.Cannot say I am too pleased myself as the Pac-12 was a 1-8 bust including my team (although that was a 2-point battle).Will be back tomorrow but for now have a safe New Years Eve everyone.12/25/17: Merry Christmas to all; hope everyone got treated well by Santa.

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