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The guys who started running me, they see me and wish me well and wonder how I’m able to do it. But I think the fact I gave up marathoning in 1983, after running nine in five years, undoubtedly played an important role in maintaining my fitness.If you are interested in chatting with random people, and having a good time, or tired of those date apps, give this app a shot. You can chat to friends for free dating and adult chat messaging.SH: The person that beat me, I’d beat him the last six races that we ran. I’m very happy I’ve been able to afford to go to these pleases, not been injured, and been able to perform at the level that I’m at now.RWD: The important thing is that after all these years, you’re still loving running. This is my 28th year with Central Park (Track Club), my 28th year as a runner.RWD: We noticed you had a rare lose in the 800 at the USA Masters meet. I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted those guys to say “whatever happened, that’s it.” RWD: You must like the fact that the sport of running has taken you all over the world. A few teammates and I were the first Americans ever to run the European (Masters) Indoor Championships. That was the first race I traveled to, and I went to South Africa after that and Australia, Puerto Rico, and Spain.Were you just a little tired or did somebody else just have a great race that day? Do you stick around places long enough to appreciate that? God has given this gift to me and I’ve just able to take it and develop it and run with it.

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Rock stars know they’ve made it when they’re on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Peter Gambaccini conducted the Q&A, which revealed Sid’s M65 training regimen and regrets over his San Sebastian race tactics. The next week, he was at the USA Masters Indoor Championships in Boston, winning the mile in .15 and taking second in the 800 in .85. Sid Howard: No, two years ago in Germany, I won two gold medals.

Today we get to meet Masters Hall of Famer Sid Howard again — whose world and national titles are too numerous to count. Sid Howard of Plainfield, New Jersey, now 67, won the 800 in .37 and the 1500 in .42 the 65-69 age group at the World Masters Athletics Indoor Championships in Linz, Austria in March. Runner’s World Daily: Was this the first time you had won two gold medals at the World Masters Indoor Championships?

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