Flex combobox dataprovider not updating

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This property only applies when you are using an embedded font and the yes Height of the text, in pixels.

In the Halo theme, the default value is 10 for all controls except the Color Picker control.

Dispatched when the drop-down list is dismissed for any reason such when the user: selects an item in the drop-down list clicks outside of the drop-down list clicks the drop-down button while the drop-down list is displayed presses the ESC key while the drop-down list is displayed Dispatched by the drag initiator (the component that is the source of the data being dragged) when the drag operation completes, either when you drop the dragged data onto a drop target or when you end the drag-and-drop operation without performing a Color of the border. The following components support this style: Alert, Button, Combo Box, Link Button, Menu Bar, Numeric Stepper, Panel, Scroll Bar, Tab, Title Window, and any component that supports a for right-to-left text, as in Arabic and Hebrew.

The following controls support this style: Button, Check Box, Combo Box, Menu Bar, Numeric Stepper, Progress Bar, Radio Button, Scroll Bar, Slider, and any components that support the no The length of the transition when the drop-down list closes, in milliseconds. FTE and TLF use this value in their bidirectional text layout algorithm, which maps Unicode character order to glyph order.

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In the Spark theme, the default value is 12 for all controls except the Color Picker control.For the Spark themed Color Picker control, the default value is 11.property of internal Text Fields that represent text in Flex controls.Validates the measured size of the component If the Layout Manager.invalidate Size() method is called with this ILayout Manager Client, then the validate Size() method is called when it's time to do measurements.Dispatched when the Combo Box contents changes as a result of user interaction, when the selected Index or selected Item property changes, and, if the Combo Box control is editable, each time a keystroke is entered in the box.

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