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Erc's Hermitage is now housed in an Iron frame beside the altar within St. It is referred to as the "old mill" to distinguish it from the "new mill" or "factory" that was built slightly up-hill from this site, due to the areas land constraints.

The main mill building "displays a level of carved detail that is unusual for an industrial building and more typically found in country houses of the period".

As part of this remodelling, today in the centre of the village stand four nearly identical Georgian houses.

The four houses stand at the intersection of the two main streets in the village.

In 2006 Slane's population was 1,099, having grown from 823 in 2002.

The population of the village and the surrounding rural area was 1,587 in 2006, up from 1,336 in 2002.

The earliest recorded inter-county match of caid, equivalent to modern Gaelic football, in the entirety of Ireland; was one between Louth and Meath, in the fields of Slane, in 1712, about which the poet James Dall Mc Cuairt wrote a poem of 88 verses beginning "Ba haigeanta". Since 1830, the battlements on the tower to the left, are now unrecognizable.

The modern day Slane Gaelic Football Club comprises the local parish Gaelic Athletic Association Gaelic football teams for the urban and rural areas of Slane. and consequently there are a number of historic sites located around the top of the hill.

Following the Williamite confiscations, which saw the Flemings dispossessed, the present form of the Castle and the village center were re-cast and in the latter case, laid out as a model British village by the Ulster plantation family of the Conynghams, in what is considered a typical example of 18th-century town planning.The South-Western-most house that forms the square, served as the Royal Irish Constabulary barracks and gaol, up until the founding of the Irish State.The two main streets in the village feature 18th century grey limestone buildings with slate roofs, oriel windows and archways.the foot of which is essentially the location of the present day "Slane Credit Union" and a hill so named for the United Irishmen who were publicly executed there on a gallows in an attempt to deter further agitations for independence, following the failed 1798 uprising.At present there is a comprehensive Village Development Plan in operation.

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