Tyler troye dating

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Troye could tell Tyler was having a harder time than him, so, for fun, he began grinding on Tyler's lap.Lightly at first, but quickly adding more strength to his grinding.Troye then moved from kissing Tyler to sucking at his neck.Tyler knew what Troye was doing, he loved to tease, but he just couldn't stop himself. Troye immediately felt it and pulled away from Tyler's neck smirking at him.They had been putting it off for quite a while for several reasons. It felt kinda special that way They knew that there were people who shipped them with other people, and they cared about their fans enough to worry about blowing holes in their ships They also knew that there were many people who shipped them, and if they broke up the hearts of their fans would break along with their own Plenty of people already thought they were dating and obsessed over it, so they were worried if they went public they would never be able to be alone together Most importantly, they were afraid that any small thing could mess up what they had, as they meant so much to each other, and the thought of losing each other scared them more than anything They had secretly been together six months before they finally told the world, and when they were done filming they felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of them, thought while filming their hearts beat so fast they felt like they would break out of their chests.After filming Tyler took out a special, romantic meal he had for them (Chinese take out).

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When Tyler couldn't take it any longer he flipped over, so that he was now on top of Troye and could take control. Troye then moved Tyler's hands away, but before Tyler could protest, Troye was unbuttoning his pants and flipping them back over, while saying that he was going first.

Troye's eyes were the most entrancing things in the entire world, in Tyler's mind. For their make-out music, Tyler always played Troye's songs.

At first Troye found this to be a bit odd, but quickly grew to appreciate that even though it was him who first admired Tyler as a You Tuber, Tyler truly admired Troye for his musical talent.

He loved the way Tyler's face turned bright red, as he looked down and leaned back when he laughed, often brining a hand to his face.

When Tyler took sips of his drink, or actually let Troye say something, he would look into his vibrant blue eyes and fall into their deep blueness.

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