Updating a home intercom system

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Both Burn and I realized we didn’t have to keep referring back to the manual every time we wanted to use another feature.Each SMH10 will also pair with three other SMH10 units, for a total of four, although pairing the four at one time does take another read-through of the manual. Since this is a “First Look”, I’ll briefly describe the features we have been using over the last few weeks: Easy On/Off: The SMH10 is very easy to turn on and especially easy to turn off.The Jog Dial is indicative of the simplicity of the SMH10 intercom system.The owner’s manual is thinner than most because it’s easier to understand.

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But, chances are you’ve used a Sena product anyway without even knowing it.

Communication of any type involved a series of obscure and illogical button-pushing sequences that challenged the gray cells of young and old alike, to a point where the intercoms were best left at home.

Next came what might be called the “Gen 2” systems, marked by an improved user interface but with sound quality and volume levels that quickly faded at anything beyond residential road speeds. Now we’re talking — if I may pun the saying — because we finally have arrived, with motorcycle intercom systems that work, and work beautifully well.

See Also: Sena SMH10B v4.3 Firmware Update Report Burn and I were working with the new Sena SMH10 intercom system one day last week, when suddenly we realized that a new day has finally dawned for motorcycle communications.

What might be called the first “Gen 1” Bluetooth intercom systems that we reviewed about 3 years ago were difficult to use.

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